Wednesday, May 30, 2012

 If you don't have enough $ for some new shoes to match your outfit, fear not. Awhile back I needed shoes to match a neon orange dress but didn't have enough $... probably spent it on food or something. I had a pair of chunky Steve Madden's that I just decided to spray paint neon pink and topped with glitter. I ended up wearing those originally blush pink satin shoes almost every weekend & nizzed them different colors. Over & above that, sometimes your most limited resources become your BEST resources. 

I wore an insane amount of all pink that night


1 Red 1 Blue, perfect for LONDON
London 2012


One night I decided after losing all my "stuff" that I need a JOX, aka Joint Box. Me & my bf4l, Gluegun stuck on the randomest stuff we found and BAM... completely nizzed on. Unfortunatly, I lost this box or I'm pretty confident that my mom is keeping it hostage.