Tuesday, October 5, 2010

 Remember those nails I blogged about previously?Well,I got them!They were just wonderful except I wish they would have mentioned somewhere on the warning that the nails are practically the size of my big toe and so ridiculously long,OH and "lasts up to 8 days"...more like 2 days! I couldn't cope with having Suga' Mama length nails and not being able to type on my crackberry so thats when the nail clipper did me good.I loved them when they were at a normal lenth,just wished they stayed longer :'(

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Ugg & Choo

   You would never think that UGG and Jimmy Choo would collaborate,right?...Well,they did. It's the classic UGG boot but seriously Choo'd out-studs,animal print,leather,fringes blah blah in a collection of five limited edition boots.I think all those elements are a tad bit of a trend overload,considering those designs were in every magazine and runway.The cheetah ones are my favorite since they stuck to just cheetah while the other boots have fringe,studs and animal print all combined.
Love this one!Didn't go over the top with the lets-combine-5-trends-in-one thing

Studs shoulda been more gray then silver & debating over the second fringe...
Darker print with black & gold studs would look less tacky but they look really fun
These,I like.A lot.Looks like cowgirl meets Ugg meets old meets new.

So many studs!! But stays true to the Choo rockstar vibe.Very cool!
P.S. no matter how much Uggs are hated on,everyone hearts them...quietly.



I suddenly decided I needed to dye some of my hair blue,so I did!The shower turned blue,my body looked like an avatar,had to shampoo about 12 times(not kidding) & then I got this......

Now for the sad part of the story...It's faded-ing & I feel blue.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


  So this week I wore cheetah prints for 5 days straight...then I ran out.Cheetah leggings,oversized black shirt and black combat boots is my current C.F.(Cheetah Favorite).The print give outfits an edge...it beats any other accessory.

Cheet-Ah Pics...

Me at school being strange.The cheetah short is actually a jumpsuit but I somehow tucked it in.
Me & Molly at a Gangstas N Strippas party.Cheetah shirt and Hello Kitty nek-less.
Me in the same cheetah shirt as above.Xcept not at a Gangstas N' Strippas party.And keeping it more fierce in black silk boot heelios.

Fake picking my nose,wearing a cheetah cardigan that I've worn about 999 times!
A splash  of color where it doesn't belong really belongs there.
Cheetah and Electric Blue
Me in front of a cool bathroom in a cool cheetah dress

Be a fierce cat.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Barbie gone technological

Hm,looks like your average platinum blonde barbie right?Well,think again...it's SO not the average platinum blonde barbie doll.This new Barbie Video Girl has a video camera built into the neckelace & an LCD video screen in her back,letting you see everything barbie has recorded for you.(without sound though)Then you can upload Barbie on to your computer and edit your videos on Barbie.com!...I kinda' want one though people might be confused of why I'm sticking a barbie in their face! 


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Candy Nails

Remember Jolly Ranchers,Laffy Taffy,Bubble Gum,Scented erasers,rainbow nails and cheap nail polish?Well Mista Fred Flare created a line of nail polish with those elements.The 3 new polishes comes in pink,blue and green AND smell like Bubble Yum,Jolly Ranchers and Laffy Taffy. Plus they are only $5 each.Yum....!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

SO I have this box.This box consists of my creative energy.I planned on opening this box the first day summer said hello and emptying out by the time summer says goodbye.What have I done with this box you ask?....NOTHING,NOTHING & NOTHING. But all it took was an acting class this morning to refuel the creative flow & my day goes as followed;-Return home after acting-Overflow a basket with costumes, awkwardly useless fabrics,a peace sign hammered to my wall, wigs,yellow blazers,paint brushes and a whole bunch of otha' funky sh*t!-Carry the overweight basket into the Mini Coop-Realize none of the cameras are charged-Have an anxiety attack-Charge the cameras-Gather the troops (my friends)-Head to the photo destination

And TaDa!...Here are the pics!

I call this one 

Give me a piece stars,hearts & moons
Give me a piece  stardust for my tribe
Give me a piece of a daisy to keep
Give me a piece of your tribe
Give me a piece of cosmic dimensions to see
Give me a piece of savage clouds for sleep
Give me a piece of a frame but don't frame me
Give me a piece of peace

I call this one 

I'm Curious
I search
I see
I enjoy
I call this one
Flag Marz

While nations wash their bloodied hands
I woke to the sound of drums
The music played, the morning sun streamed in

-Pink Floyd

Thats it...for now!Tell me what chu think

Friday, July 2, 2010

Electric Daisy

(Electric Daisy Carnival)
Besides getting ready to be taken away by the Electric Daisy Carnival's lineup and drown in a crowd of ravers living their night with PLUR...putting outfits together was the best pre-game.I put together/made all these outfits for my friends and mwah.A glue gun,daisys,rhinestones and sparkly things go a long way... :*
My outfit!:wish i had a pic of those boots(they WERE hideous).I never found the heart to throw away those boots since their old school Moschino, so I covered them with pink glitter,a neon bow and rhinestones.Magic.The dress is just some fabric I tied and smacked on some bedazzled daisys.
And here are some more daisy creations....


Wednesday, June 30, 2010



Her real name:Marina Diamandis
Social status:Greek / Welsh solo artist based in London 
Albums:Hollywood & Family Jewels
Other Info:Unmatched animal prints,neon artifacts,sequined cheerleader stage outfit& furry cat sweater=the coolest of the coolcats

What you must do now:Go listen to I'm Not A Robot...A.K.A. your new favorite tune.



...or 4 the theatre

Monday, June 14, 2010

Have you ever thrown a fist full of glitter in the air?

Lately I've been experiencing a mild dose of glitter fever.Current symptoms & cravings?
*Glitter raped bra
*Every color of Urban Decay Heavy Metal
*Paint my walls with glitter
*X-treme glitter nails..like really Xtreme...really REALLY Xtreme

*Glitter etc....you get it
Theres something about it's flashiness that makes it or you ideal eye candy.A oversized vintage tee,stringy straight hair,too pale 4 summer skin,naked eyelids,n3on blue lashes....all paired with a pair of chunky glitter heels.If you keep your whole outfit simple then the chunky glitter heel thing wont look tacky.Tacky would consist of too tight unknown brand jeans with rhinestone pockets,cleavage poppin' tee,makeup drowned face,rings of every form shape & color,a bedazzled cellular device,obvious knock off shades.....all paired with a pair of chunky glitter heels.(I think I just listed the most hideous outfit)Yeah, so the glitter+glitter+more glitter thing just doesn't work under any circumstances...ever..on anyone. This weekends 2doList:Find a pair of G'd out heels.G'd out=glittered out,incase you didn't catch that....
Let it rain glitter!
One word:YUM

I kinda dig the pink heels more then the Loubs
MiuMiu-the black bow+gold glitter is perfection

JazzySnazzy GLITT3R...I'd love to go bowling in these

Yeah,I would kill 4 a pair.

S0 BasAss/RockStar!!

B4 I end my ode 2 glitter...
Makeup+Glitter=everyone has to start investing in
Urban Decay Heavy Metal is the BEST glitter eye gel.It doesn't droop & stays on after a night of partying+ they make your eyes P0P.So easy 2 use,even for the unfortunate makeup challenged species.

Go Glitter Eyes,Go!

One of the many few glitter trendsetters,KE$HA said“Any guy I make out with has glitter on his face for at least three days.” 

Look at the glitter sprinkled on her hair in the second picture.
......She obviously loves glitter!

I don't know how to respond...beautiful?

PINK performing "Glitter In The Air"

"Have you ever thrown a fist full of glitter in the air?" Thanks to PINK'S genius sparkling lyric I'm going to get a bag of glitter,throw it in the air & take pics of rainin' glitter.