Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Golden Heart Awards

I had the fairy wonderful honor of being invited to The Golden Heart Awards Dinner last week. The dinner was held at The Beverly Wilshire Hotel where 400 guests came to honor Tim Allen and Jason Sinay for their participation as volunteers in The Midnight Mission. Prior to the event, I was cruising town and peacefully eating my sandwich at Mendocino Farms with absolutely no sense of our man made time system. Oh no, " I have one hour to get ready". Let me tell ya that for a girl who can easily spend four hours getting ready....this scenario was not okay. As if injected with speed, I spent the next hour immensely disrupting about every room and closet in the apartment in search of an outfit "cocktail attire" appropriate as it is not my usual go-2. My one hour concluded to a black vintage dress, rhinestone necklace I adopted as a head piece, my absolute favorite faux fur jacket and a fabulous little pearl on my upper cheek... quite the Gatsby inspired outfit. I don't believe this ensemble would have survived without every single one of it's sparkly accessories being included. 

Upon leaving The Beverly Wilshire, I felt cozy knowing the difference that The Midnight Mission has made and continues to make in the lives of people who are deeply lacking one thing or another. In addition, I was truly inspired and reminded of the importance of contribution & giving to our fellow human beans. 

Hilarious man he was

My sister on the right & a T.V. actress whom I forgot the name of

Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Juicy Nizessity

Accessories & clothing have taught me a very important lesson in life; detachments from attachments. How you ask? Well I've had and continue to have this issue of losing almost everything I purchase, although it is improving. It's happened so frequently that if I was to hype over it every time, my hair would rapidly turn white way before I planned on designing the white wig in my 90's. I've always imagined what I would find if there was a magic treasure room (like in the Disney movie Halloween Town) that held hostage everything that I've ever lost or misplaced...maybe one day! FURTHERMORE, I've been in this physical dimension for 20 years now and tangible items have unfortunatley(I'm broke) and fortunatley(they mike me feel cozy inside) had the pleasure of causing my heart to blush, many times. But never has a pair of sunglasses made my heart blush until I saw these striped cateye glasses from Juicy Couture. As I pondered amongst a shelf of the everyday habitually framed sunglasses, my eyes twinkled at the sight of a fearlessly striped frame. Just as any other lovestruck human would do, I tried them on & it was love at first sight, literally. They simply make any outfit just that much funkier.We have fallen in love & plan on enjoying our time together before the Lost & Never Found Treasury breaks us apart.

Rhinestone Choker & Earrings-Forever21
The room of lost stuff from HalloweenTown....

& if you got some stripes
& the avacado is ripe
It's all alright