Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Family Photos & A Bloo Coat & Broken Boots

I’ve posted about my unicorn sparkle baby before and here it is again as we just had our first family photos. As far as fashion goes, this outfit carries just about everything that I admire and adore; platform boots from JetRag that broke the first time I wore them, black leggin’s cause what would I do without them duh, bindi + beanie mmm, cookie monster faux fur jacket from TopShop during my first NY trip, hoboLovin backpack from Venice Beach & unfortunately the coat’s blue massiveness stops you from seeing the Bob Marley shirt that I covered with flowers and Swarovski crystals…but it’s there…vision it. When I got dressed I was visioning myself as a funk master funk child going to school. This child would totally be the type to have tye-dye stained fingers, broken boots she refuses to throw away, her tent would be the funkiest you’ve ever seen and after homework she hangs out at this spot that glows glowworms.

I have so much love for ya Ms.BlooFaux