Friday, July 20, 2012

Flower Funk

I don't know why but wearing 90's style floral prints that looked like they came from a grandma's old couch cushion is such a happy time. I used to have this intimate relationship with studs but I've vibed on over to an open relationship with flowers. Most of my floral pants are from the awesome vintage boutique I worked/got fired at. Cheers to FLOWER FUNK!!!!!

My new platforms & new mosquito bite

Being a noob at stylehaüs

Flowers on ma mind
 Back in the 90s Drew put flowers in her hair

B a Funky Fl0w3r Pr1nc3ss.


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Starry Eyed

Stars are always giving us direction,illumination and I've forever felt a cosmic cozyness when looking at stars. The cosmos are your cousins and were all just a bunch of magic stardust. That being said, stars make flipping good fashion announcements. I probably look like I'm a America obsessed mutant from these pictures but I just really dig how out flag looks on clothes. Here is z Uhhmerica outfit from today because you can walk around like it's still 4th of July. 

Starry eyed

Wild Fox sweater and 1020 skirt, mmmm

Lowluv magnify glass ring & vintage bracelet

Vintage necklace & quartz that I found on a mountain & wrapped

N now lets take a trip to older,random past star galaxies..

I bought that bustier at a 5 dollar store & wow did we hit it off for awhile... then I lost it :(

4th of July this year. I nizzed red white & blue glitter over those Ozzy shoes. I've worn those leather sweet-p's  so much they are totally destoyed now.

Nizzed these last 4th for a store window I was designing. Keep all yo crafting!!

Raving at 15 was cool.
Always been a STAR student *middle school*

Nizzed on a whole buncha stars and taped them to my wall.
Good times with the superstars
“If you ever start taking things too seriously, just remember that we are talking monkeys on an organic spaceship flying through the universe.” 


Friday, July 13, 2012

Colored Yarn n' Strings

Really hyped on color adorned jewelery these days...just one of those really vibrant vibed summers right now & I dress accordingly to what I'm feeling, ya know?

<3 my creepy Lowluv ring

The Gyp-Say get some inspiration
An awkward goodbye... :*

Keep that Westcoast FUNk!

Friday, July 6, 2012


So I intern at this fab-fab-fab-fab-FABULOUS place, StyleHaüs. Long story short, it's this members-only boutique and there is one at the Mondrian hotel(we took over the spa muhaha) & another location on the charming part of Melrose(we took over Arcade muhaha). I'm learning a lot about how to work with different people & I've met quite a handful of hawt wonderful messes(the good kind) and HAWT HAWT clothes. It's just the start of this wonderful & very nutso fashion journey.

And here is me prowling around Stylehaüs like a creepo!

vintage Chanel

Hey pretty thing.

Let me take you home?

Look me in the eyes

We can just snuggle

Vintage mermaid looking cuff

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Downright nizzzed all over these hats for the 4th of July. I didn't realize that it's actually the cuban flag until someone told me tonight but it's still vibing red white & blue so no biggie. My fairy siSTAR Jess and I came across these hats and I feel like it was very needed to get me out of the creativity dehydration I've had for awhile now. We have a bunch lurking around so if you want to look stellar on the 4th, just tell one of us WestCoast Fairies. Now here are some pitchas of the ghettoest gypsies you'll ever link with.

WestCoast Fairies Jess & Niz



Cheers to more WestCoast Fairy stuff

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Oh Shoot

This was for Annex Magazine and the first editorial I styled on my own. I don't really know how to describe this experience any other way then a hawt mess. Getting the clothes & jewelry was a MISSION. The theme was Adam & Eve... I thought they were naked? One of the models flaked an hour before. I got lost on the way to the shoot & went into instant anxiety attack mode.The shoot was in a park-hike place. It is not easy carrying a trunk full of clothes and a rack down a dirt trail. The park turned pitch black at night. I had no flashlight. I got the wrong size jeans for the male model. The female model was a size bigger then they told me. I was at this park-hike place till 1:30 am. 

Other then all that hawt mess business, it was a necessary experience & the crew was hilarious. It's important to take every opportunity that comes your way in fashion because thats how you learn what you can and can't vibe with, ya feel? 

found an affordable pad

nice jewelry

Pretty blue eyed Eve

Found out Adam is also a pornstar on the side

I don't even know


So I was super bored & in craft mode so I transferred my parents pill cabinet...bottled pills--->plastic bags...whipped out the beloved glue gun, glitter & rhinestone jar. Those little bottles look super funky now & I think that is how every pill should be prescribed.... but their not... so go nizzz all over your pill bottles. They make groovy gifts too, I gave one to my friend for her birthday and now I'm making one for my grandma. 

serviceable to products such as bobby pins,love notes,rings, fairy dust, $, flowers and mary jane(duh).

-Niz/Spice Girls