Saturday, July 31, 2010

SO I have this box.This box consists of my creative energy.I planned on opening this box the first day summer said hello and emptying out by the time summer says goodbye.What have I done with this box you ask?....NOTHING,NOTHING & NOTHING. But all it took was an acting class this morning to refuel the creative flow & my day goes as followed;-Return home after acting-Overflow a basket with costumes, awkwardly useless fabrics,a peace sign hammered to my wall, wigs,yellow blazers,paint brushes and a whole bunch of otha' funky sh*t!-Carry the overweight basket into the Mini Coop-Realize none of the cameras are charged-Have an anxiety attack-Charge the cameras-Gather the troops (my friends)-Head to the photo destination

And TaDa!...Here are the pics!

I call this one 

Give me a piece stars,hearts & moons
Give me a piece  stardust for my tribe
Give me a piece of a daisy to keep
Give me a piece of your tribe
Give me a piece of cosmic dimensions to see
Give me a piece of savage clouds for sleep
Give me a piece of a frame but don't frame me
Give me a piece of peace

I call this one 

I'm Curious
I search
I see
I enjoy
I call this one
Flag Marz

While nations wash their bloodied hands
I woke to the sound of drums
The music played, the morning sun streamed in

-Pink Floyd

Thats it...for now!Tell me what chu think

Friday, July 2, 2010

Electric Daisy

(Electric Daisy Carnival)
Besides getting ready to be taken away by the Electric Daisy Carnival's lineup and drown in a crowd of ravers living their night with PLUR...putting outfits together was the best pre-game.I put together/made all these outfits for my friends and mwah.A glue gun,daisys,rhinestones and sparkly things go a long way... :*
My outfit!:wish i had a pic of those boots(they WERE hideous).I never found the heart to throw away those boots since their old school Moschino, so I covered them with pink glitter,a neon bow and rhinestones.Magic.The dress is just some fabric I tied and smacked on some bedazzled daisys.
And here are some more daisy creations....