Friday, July 2, 2010

Electric Daisy

(Electric Daisy Carnival)
Besides getting ready to be taken away by the Electric Daisy Carnival's lineup and drown in a crowd of ravers living their night with PLUR...putting outfits together was the best pre-game.I put together/made all these outfits for my friends and mwah.A glue gun,daisys,rhinestones and sparkly things go a long way... :*
My outfit!:wish i had a pic of those boots(they WERE hideous).I never found the heart to throw away those boots since their old school Moschino, so I covered them with pink glitter,a neon bow and rhinestones.Magic.The dress is just some fabric I tied and smacked on some bedazzled daisys.
And here are some more daisy creations....


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