Thursday, September 30, 2010


Ugg & Choo

   You would never think that UGG and Jimmy Choo would collaborate,right?...Well,they did. It's the classic UGG boot but seriously Choo'd out-studs,animal print,leather,fringes blah blah in a collection of five limited edition boots.I think all those elements are a tad bit of a trend overload,considering those designs were in every magazine and runway.The cheetah ones are my favorite since they stuck to just cheetah while the other boots have fringe,studs and animal print all combined.
Love this one!Didn't go over the top with the lets-combine-5-trends-in-one thing

Studs shoulda been more gray then silver & debating over the second fringe...
Darker print with black & gold studs would look less tacky but they look really fun
These,I like.A lot.Looks like cowgirl meets Ugg meets old meets new.

So many studs!! But stays true to the Choo rockstar vibe.Very cool!
P.S. no matter how much Uggs are hated on,everyone hearts them...quietly.

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