Friday, December 9, 2011


Well I had another little show at the Playhouse. I got nominated for accesories designer and I didn't even know until I saw a random facebook status. I had none of my cute beanies, hats or headbands....I sold them all when I needed money for Coachella. I think I enjoy waiting till last minute extremes to get sh*t done because I made this whole collection in about a week with zee help of my creative monsta Crystal. Sometimes though your best ideas come when they are unplanned & I'd say the stuff looked pretty stellar.

I loved this outfit so much & loved the process of putting it together even more...randomest of ideas just kept on coming. So the jacket was totally plain and lame until...... safety pins, scarf strings, random chains, old broken jewelery strands & studs.

Marz badass sparkly Indian
The cape and headband were perfect.... <3

More shows to come in the future, I know it. 

Sparkles and Studs 4ever.

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