Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Pink Horn

Life kind of changed for me when I figured this thing out... I can make anything that my imagination thinks of. Cat ears and a unicorn ? Sure, no problem. The Downtown LA arts district is just a 15 minute drive, my craft boxes are pretty stacked and paper mache recipes can be found on Google. Three hours before my friends kickback (that's what we kids call it these days) I brought the SPARKLE UNICORN CAT to life and it was one of those intense craft situations where I was moving, glueing and thinking at the pace of a mad scientist on too much aderall. I love the finished product and I will most defiantly be manifesting more accessories that I day dream about in this brain of mine. As for the outfit? It's so mismatched to the point that it becomes amazingly matched. 

You are never too old for silly magic!!!!!!!!!!

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