Monday, June 14, 2010

Have you ever thrown a fist full of glitter in the air?

Lately I've been experiencing a mild dose of glitter fever.Current symptoms & cravings?
*Glitter raped bra
*Every color of Urban Decay Heavy Metal
*Paint my walls with glitter
*X-treme glitter really Xtreme...really REALLY Xtreme

*Glitter get it
Theres something about it's flashiness that makes it or you ideal eye candy.A oversized vintage tee,stringy straight hair,too pale 4 summer skin,naked eyelids,n3on blue lashes....all paired with a pair of chunky glitter heels.If you keep your whole outfit simple then the chunky glitter heel thing wont look tacky.Tacky would consist of too tight unknown brand jeans with rhinestone pockets,cleavage poppin' tee,makeup drowned face,rings of every form shape & color,a bedazzled cellular device,obvious knock off shades.....all paired with a pair of chunky glitter heels.(I think I just listed the most hideous outfit)Yeah, so the glitter+glitter+more glitter thing just doesn't work under any circumstances...ever..on anyone. This weekends 2doList:Find a pair of G'd out heels.G'd out=glittered out,incase you didn't catch that....
Let it rain glitter!
One word:YUM

I kinda dig the pink heels more then the Loubs
MiuMiu-the black bow+gold glitter is perfection

JazzySnazzy GLITT3R...I'd love to go bowling in these

Yeah,I would kill 4 a pair.

S0 BasAss/RockStar!!

B4 I end my ode 2 glitter...
Makeup+Glitter=everyone has to start investing in
Urban Decay Heavy Metal is the BEST glitter eye gel.It doesn't droop & stays on after a night of partying+ they make your eyes P0P.So easy 2 use,even for the unfortunate makeup challenged species.

Go Glitter Eyes,Go!

One of the many few glitter trendsetters,KE$HA said“Any guy I make out with has glitter on his face for at least three days.” 

Look at the glitter sprinkled on her hair in the second picture.
......She obviously loves glitter!

I don't know how to respond...beautiful?

PINK performing "Glitter In The Air"

"Have you ever thrown a fist full of glitter in the air?" Thanks to PINK'S genius sparkling lyric I'm going to get a bag of glitter,throw it in the air & take pics of rainin' glitter.


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