Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer,your here!

Summer...every students most favored holiday.Why you ask?Well because A)cruising the beaches with new floral bikinis,ray-ban shades,over sized sun hats and rockin' tans is most certainly favored over cruising the school hall way to another deathly long period of class while sitting next to the kid with rockin' B.O. And B)Soul warming summer night breezes in sky-high heels,un-reformed dresses,neon bras,glitter overload eyes and sleepless nights you don't remember are most certainly favored over abnormally heated makeup melting classrooms and attempting to remember things you learned but don't remember learning. Oh yes summer, we are ready 4 ya.

I'm going to embrace this summer because EW before I know it next summer will roll around the corner and college will be kidnapping some of my soul sistas. So everyone should make a long list of minor  "Summer To-Do's With The Homies 4 A Sparkling Summer".Try to cross everything on your list off so you won't have any sunless days. So far my list contains going on a hike before the sun comes out,ride one of those million seater bicycles and paint my walls with glitter paint.
Happy Summer my teenage junkies!
Summer <3in Peeps

(Taylor Prather,Leah Clark:Beach Chillin in RockSt*r          
(Izzy Guetta: keepin' it classic prep-fresh in LA) 
          (Me:Sportin' too many gold chains for the desert)
(Maryam Farm:Flashing the T-Line)

(Sharon Dann:Safe sun with the darlin' hat)

(Toes meet color meet rainbow)

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