Saturday, July 31, 2010

SO I have this box.This box consists of my creative energy.I planned on opening this box the first day summer said hello and emptying out by the time summer says goodbye.What have I done with this box you ask?....NOTHING,NOTHING & NOTHING. But all it took was an acting class this morning to refuel the creative flow & my day goes as followed;-Return home after acting-Overflow a basket with costumes, awkwardly useless fabrics,a peace sign hammered to my wall, wigs,yellow blazers,paint brushes and a whole bunch of otha' funky sh*t!-Carry the overweight basket into the Mini Coop-Realize none of the cameras are charged-Have an anxiety attack-Charge the cameras-Gather the troops (my friends)-Head to the photo destination

And TaDa!...Here are the pics!

I call this one 

Give me a piece stars,hearts & moons
Give me a piece  stardust for my tribe
Give me a piece of a daisy to keep
Give me a piece of your tribe
Give me a piece of cosmic dimensions to see
Give me a piece of savage clouds for sleep
Give me a piece of a frame but don't frame me
Give me a piece of peace

I call this one 

I'm Curious
I search
I see
I enjoy
I call this one
Flag Marz

While nations wash their bloodied hands
I woke to the sound of drums
The music played, the morning sun streamed in

-Pink Floyd

Thats it...for now!Tell me what chu think

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