Sunday, September 12, 2010


  So this week I wore cheetah prints for 5 days straight...then I ran out.Cheetah leggings,oversized black shirt and black combat boots is my current C.F.(Cheetah Favorite).The print give outfits an beats any other accessory.

Cheet-Ah Pics...

Me at school being strange.The cheetah short is actually a jumpsuit but I somehow tucked it in.
Me & Molly at a Gangstas N Strippas party.Cheetah shirt and Hello Kitty nek-less.
Me in the same cheetah shirt as above.Xcept not at a Gangstas N' Strippas party.And keeping it more fierce in black silk boot heelios.

Fake picking my nose,wearing a cheetah cardigan that I've worn about 999 times!
A splash  of color where it doesn't belong really belongs there.
Cheetah and Electric Blue
Me in front of a cool bathroom in a cool cheetah dress

Be a fierce cat.

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SLS said...

i laav your blog cheetah girl