Friday, August 10, 2012

DollsKill FYI

Ever since one of the DollsKill photoshoots popped up on my facebook newsfeed I've become slightly obsessed. "Dolls Kill puts its attention on the forgotten styles in mainstream society, such as the glam rock babe, punker grunge girl and the gothic sex kitten". I'm super down with the 'wtf is a trend?' thing and Dolls Kill is obviously campaigning that. I used to dress like a stoned, studded out, leather tights Beverly Hills hoodlum and after this Dolls Kill stalking I kinda wanna stud my flare pants. Anyways, I went crazy and nizzed on some pics of outfits I took from 
Feeeeeelin Stoned

Tye or Die. Die or Tye

Meowwwww. Is that not the most awesome bathing suit?

Roses are pink Violets are pink & I just saw you gimme the wink.

Welcome to the Doll Club

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