Monday, August 6, 2012

My Little Pony

There is this awesome awesome artist from Germany... Mari Kasurinen. She takes My Little Ponies and gives them the hugest pop culture makeover you've ever seen. I love that she uses the flipping My Little Pony from the 80's!!!!!! (Almost every pony is sold out and they start at like $500-$1150) So it has been proven once again: WEIRD AND RANDOM WORK. And now I'm just waiting for the My Little Niz :)
My Little Jason

My Little Joker

My Little Andy Warhol

My Little Meat Gaga

My Little Edward Scissor Hands

My Little Frida Kahlo 

The most epic....

My Little Karl


This is me pregaming at the My Little Pony castle

We had such a good time drinking PonyPotion SOO....

They said a  My Little Niz had to be made!!!

Don't be a phony Pony yo.


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