Sunday, September 2, 2012


Awhile back I styled my first editorial for Annex Magazine and I finally got the pictures and I think they look flipping awesommmmeee, except my last name is spelled wrong but it's cool! The looks were inspired by the process of Adam & Eve and I had to use quite a bit of imagination for that, considering Adam & Eve were naked? May I add after looking at these pictures that the photographer is so exceptionaly talented. That last shot was not an easy one & I remember he wasn't going to let anyone leave until it was shot the way he pictured it.

That skirt was the most amazing piece of vintage I've ever seen. The picture doesn't even give justice to how massive it was.

This shot is amazing, she actually looks like she is falling !

Bite the apple


Anonymous said...

hey your cute

Niz Yashar said...

I bet YOU are even cuter!!!!!!

Jessica Eve said...

rock on girl!!!!!