Sunday, September 23, 2012

Butterfly Business

There has been an incredible amount of dancin & prancin around LA lately, mmm mm MMM. Adventure on adventure on adventure. Fashion raped me quite a bit last month so I've been experiencing LFS aka Lazy Fashion Syndrome. My biggest LFS syndrome has been wanting to cry at my sewing class that is from 2:30-9:00 pm every Saturday as well as experiencing high levels of discontentment when I touch my sewing machine. But it's cool, I get it. Basically my sewing machine hasn't been bff with me as she wants me to leave her alone for a bit so we can both go out & play. 

So here is the adventure from this week...

Once Upon a Saturday, I ended up at a beautiful house for a Kirtan LoveFeast. There was some major dancing & prancing going on under that roof.
Hug Bugs
Then we drove to Santa Clarita with my new friend of 30 minutes, Jason!! Once upon after LoveFeast, we ended up at the Goddess Sanctuary.

There was some amazing live art  projecting
And sparkly sky crystals 
And a purple lazer pen projecting on my dear face
And we had a slumber party in the most cosmic of cosmic rooms
And woke up on a bean bag & I just wanted to kidnap that little pup hiding in the blanket

Once Upon The Morning, I became an intern again & shot some street style

 Once Upon The Night, I showered in sparkles, army print and a flower

And went to the Avalon in Hollywood for a groovy time.
And met a fairy with rainbow hair and wraps.
Once Upon A Few Hours Later, I went to drop my Jacket in the Jeep so I can groove
But the Jeep got towed!
What do you do when your car gets towed away?!
Hop on to the Interstellar Transmission School Bus & PLAY!!

Cool from the outside
Cooler from the back side

Coolest in the inside

Stellar Sister & Interstellar facepaint
Once Upon Now, I had to get my car from somewhere far.
Called my dad.
He was flipping mad.

Once Upon The Week Day Came, I went to school and ate some lunch

And stared at the kitty.

And stared at Brittney as she peed.

Once Upon That Night, went to see the Interstellars perform.

And had some delicious $3 wine
Sweet Tunez n Grooovez
 Once Upon After The Performance, guess what? Got back on the Interstellar Bus.

With new h0m13$
And celebrated Tree Man's Birthday. He turned 5,000

With familiar faces

And the soul sistar on my back
And the airiest of friends

And Once Upon a Time, I learned that you just have to leave the caterpillars...

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