Saturday, October 6, 2012


I have a lot of phases with the way I dress but I will always prefer being comfortable. If I'm wearing the fanciest of long gowns I will ditch a pair of toe cramping heels any day for a pair of  Jeffrey Campbell platform sneakers. I love beautiful dresses & heavily beaded fabrics but no matter how beautiful & elegant it is on it's own, I will still niz on it...just a little. I'm a 90's baby, I still hold stretchy plastic chokers & jean jackets close to my heart. 

So I took the princess dress that holds very awkward and stressful memories & nizzed on it, gave it some more niz vibing. 

I thought a princess dress meant it was vital to get hair extensions, cat eyes, red lips & the bff Diamonds

So here: Wear the most embellished of princess dresses & give it some of Y O U 

Get in your mind for inspire time

Cat Ears
Jean Jacket
Complete The Packet
Sometimes I chooz to ditch the shooz
Feels like MEEEE
Well that's the better version of my princess dress, thanks for looking,  I love you!!!!!

Much love, thanks & credit for photos:
Orville Griffiths

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