Thursday, October 18, 2012

SpeciesSpotlight: ELVIS

Once Upon a Time, I was styling at a Guess fashion show & as usual my eyes pondered on over to where the models were getting their hair & makeup did... aka the Before & After $tation. Then suddenly my eyes were violated in the best possible way by this hair artist with some severe style pizzzazz. Leather, jewelry on jewelry, hair with a style sense of it's own, named Elvis & I obviously had to take a picture...

I present to you Elvis Zavaleta: 4 Real Talented Magician ART1$T in hair & makeup & personal $TYL3 

 Like an animal kingdom, the style kingdom has a medley of different species that reside in certain habitats, interact with certain creautures & some camoflauge better here then there. This species is tricky to define because It's a mixture of a lot of different contrasting which is why I'm pretty sure this is the Synthesis Species. It was born in like 6 different eras &  so it has this empowerment to dress as untamed as it f*cking wants. The more fashionably undisiplined the more self-disiplined it is. I'm going to lose my mind trying to put this into words but these are the types of pictures that remind me why I have this infatuation with clothing & how it literally speaks.

P.S. Check out Elvis' Site..... S1CKKKK HA1R D00Z N' WHAT N0T

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