Friday, July 6, 2012


So I intern at this fab-fab-fab-fab-FABULOUS place, StyleHaüs. Long story short, it's this members-only boutique and there is one at the Mondrian hotel(we took over the spa muhaha) & another location on the charming part of Melrose(we took over Arcade muhaha). I'm learning a lot about how to work with different people & I've met quite a handful of hawt wonderful messes(the good kind) and HAWT HAWT clothes. It's just the start of this wonderful & very nutso fashion journey.

And here is me prowling around Stylehaüs like a creepo!

vintage Chanel

Hey pretty thing.

Let me take you home?

Look me in the eyes

We can just snuggle

Vintage mermaid looking cuff

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