Sunday, July 1, 2012

Oh Shoot

This was for Annex Magazine and the first editorial I styled on my own. I don't really know how to describe this experience any other way then a hawt mess. Getting the clothes & jewelry was a MISSION. The theme was Adam & Eve... I thought they were naked? One of the models flaked an hour before. I got lost on the way to the shoot & went into instant anxiety attack mode.The shoot was in a park-hike place. It is not easy carrying a trunk full of clothes and a rack down a dirt trail. The park turned pitch black at night. I had no flashlight. I got the wrong size jeans for the male model. The female model was a size bigger then they told me. I was at this park-hike place till 1:30 am. 

Other then all that hawt mess business, it was a necessary experience & the crew was hilarious. It's important to take every opportunity that comes your way in fashion because thats how you learn what you can and can't vibe with, ya feel? 

found an affordable pad

nice jewelry

Pretty blue eyed Eve

Found out Adam is also a pornstar on the side

I don't even know

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