Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Word On The Street:Jean & Leather & Summer & That Beauty

 Today I got out of valet and into the lobby then ran out of the lobby and back to valet to snap some pics of these two girls who just looked way to flipping cool. So here are Gigi and Layan who came from Saudi Arabia and Morocco with some mighty killer style. Their car pulled up into valet before I got to ask them anything but I'm sure I'll see them again.

 Cool thing about interning at styleha├╝s in the Mondrian Hotel is all the different traveling fairies I come across, especially the traveling fashion fairies. If you keep your eyes open around here you are bound to   be a spectator of some interesting little happenings. There is a wonderful variation of humans here, like the cougar women, adorable foreign language speaking toddlers, happy as can be old couple from Switzerland, the hawt mess who goes on a shopping spree a few xanax later, up all night on aderall and tequila type of boy who stalked me for a few hours, mysterious clients who probably bathe in money, the people who like to order a bottle of goose when shopping, the people who live here, the couple from Germany who while having a cigarette taught me in german how to say "Fuck it just flow with it" and my favorite has got to be the real life barbie who was running around in a neon pink mini dress, bleach blonde hair and neon pink her. I've been learning more & more that when you acknowledge people with more depth then just a hello and goodbye and when you are curious verses judgmental, you start seeing the beauty in EVERYONE & might learn a thing or two.... even from the looniest of the loons!! Same thing in fashion, it can be super ordinary until the designer answers a question or two.

Fashion is good
Fashion is great
Don't turn into fashion bate